Friday, December 2, 2011

Model.Agency.x Cycle 1 Winner, omgsheiscrazy

As some of you may know I own a Model Agency club on Stardoll. The winner and runner-up get prices to start their career as a model. So this is the winner of our first cycle! We don't look for models who only look good and special and others than others. But also inspiring and exclusive and who will always be theirselves.

is a 16 year old girl from Hungary who's real name is Evelyn.

So here is here interview and photoshoot:


- Did you expect you would win when you applied in cycle 1?:

I never thought I can win this! I was hoping all the time and was absolutely unsure, when I was done with a task. But I always tried to bring the best I could. I really wanted to win, and I loved to do the tasks.

- How does it feel now you've won?

I had to check more then twice my name on the club presentation! It feels absolutely AMAZING! This is a kinda answer. I'd like to be famous on stardoll as almost everyone here(: And being a modell? That is fantastic! Honestly, I realised I want to be a model when I joined to the ModelAgency. So, I started to make my dream true. I'm satisfied now:D

- Did you have a favourite task?

I think my favourite was the Inspired by task, when we had to choose someone who inspires ous and make an outfit/dress and a suite.


her final and winning task

some random pictures from our talented model

The applications for Cycle 2 are open and running in my club Model.Agency.x, join today! It's open for everyone and apply.

xoxo vladatje

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