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I am very very sorry for taking too long.

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-makeover by designer11052


-makeover by designer11052

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Model Agency's Cycle 2 Winner

Cycle 2 in my club: Model.Agency.x has ended and here is the lovely winner: 


Did you expect you would win it?:

Well to be honest, no. I applied for the last cycle as well, and only made it to the top 3 or 4, so I was a bit skeptical the second time around. And sunshinedu34 was doing great throughout all the tasks so of course I was a bit intimidated and didn't know if I would be good enough to actually win.

Now that you've won, do you think you reached your goal? (your why on the application):

My goals were basically to gain more experience and show the model side of me. And I definitely did reach that goal because even if I didn't win, it was enough to gain a lot of experience. The tasks made me think about how I would put together outfits or portray fashion in a way I normally wouldn't.

Did you have a favorite task?:

I loved a few actually, but my most favorite would have to be the Marilyn Monroe inspired task. She is one of my idols and I absolutely adore her, so it was nice to have a task where I could relate personally to it.

Did you have a least favorite task?:

I don't think so. As I mentioned before, the tasks were all different and made you think, so yeah, I enjoyed doing all of them.

Some tips for the others and a last word?:

Just make sure to be original because there's only one you. There's no right or wrong when it comes to Fashion and modelling. As long as your happy with what you do, thats all that matters. And of course, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. :)


her final, winning task

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I did a makeover from priscilla3541. Her doll is already really pretty, so i wanted to try to give her a preppy look. It suits her! (:

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Tiger Fairy Makeup Look: Mini Tutorial!

Want to look like this?

You will need.
Doree Dusty Fire Hair Color - 6SD
Sephora Eyebrow Pencil Brown- 2SD
Dot Tiger Lily Eyeshadow- 6SD
Luxe Midnight Black Eyeshadow-22SD
Any lengthening and thickening mascara in black
Any white eyeshadow
Black or Gray Eyeliner
Any white eye pencil
Starpoint Hair Style -1750 SP
Blush, Pink

Step One:
Remove all makeup and jewelery.
You need a fresh palette.

Step Two:
Apply Hair Color:

Step Three:
Fill in eyebrows:

Step Four: Apply mascara, only to the outside edges

Step Five: Apply Luxe Midnight Black Eyeshadow, only on the upper eye creases, in very small amounts. Only a little above the eyelashes. Like this:

Step Six: Apply Dot Tiger Lily Eyeshadow, blending with the original eyeshadow, but a little above.

Step Seven: Apply White Eyeshadow, on the inside edges, blending with the original eyeshadow, like so. This will make your MeDoll look very streamlined.

Step Eight: Apply eyeliner, winging it slightly at the ends. There's your fierceness.

Step Nine: Apply white eye pencil in the tear duct areas.

Step Ten: Apply blush to the sides of the cheek. Moderation here:

Step Eleven: Change your medoll to have Pink Lips in the Medoll Editor.

Step Twelve: Admire your doll, add any accessories that say, I'm Fierce!

Accessories Used:
Heidi Klum Clover Chain Necklace - 6SD
Hot Buys Earrings- 5SD
Forest Fairy Flowers - 5SC

Thanks! Hoped you like this tutorial!

Please comment below!

Basic Makeover: Winter Wonderland

Our lucky MeDoll today is...


She is already so gorgeous and exotic looking, but I cleaned up her messy, but cute layers in favor of a smooth, clean and gorgeous simple layer. Her green eyes are gorgeous, so I emphasized them with some simple and clean mascara. I added a tiara as a finishing touch. Her lips are inspired by candycanes of the upcoming season.

My inspiration:
I was inspired by a wintry theme, with the aspects of hot cocoa, cookies, and family-togetherness!! So, I did a winter wonderland theme for her makeover.

Hope you like this!

I'm Back

Sorry for the inexcusable hiatus. I am back, after spending nearly an hour recovering my account. It seems that I have forgotten my password. Anyway, I am here to transform Medoll mania again!!!

One makeover at a time.

I will be introducing the following:

Style profiles: A medoll will have 5 outfits, and 5 makeup looks designed just for them. To sign up for a medoll transformation, contact me. Even contact below or request "Style Profile by lulu11052"!!!

Celebrity Inspired: Look like any celebrity you want!! Just request it. A photo comparison is allowed, too!!!

Ps: To all other makeup artists: It seems as if the readership has begun to diminish. Any ideas as to boost blog views? I think making a Medoll Mania club and promoting could work, as well as a link exchange with new blogs.


click through to see it better

Merry Christmas My Peeps!

You know its the festive season and everybody wants to look their best!

i kept the gold theme of christmas!



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Hey Everyonee!♥

Hey everyone!
I hope your all having a good holiday whether or not you celebrate Christmas.
I know, I haven't been active as a writer/make-over person on this blog but after Christmas/New-Year I hope to be. So sign below or in my guestbook for a make-over.
I hope you enjoy my little graphic I made, and If you'd like a graphic made then contact me! ;D
So, Good Luck for New Year!
and Merry Christmas MedollMania readers!♥
- Carolinee (candycutie232)

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Makeover by designer11052


Makeover by designer11052