Monday, May 11, 2009


Well I know I'm doing a make-over on myself, but I decided I needed a new look so I did a make-over but the main reason is that to have opinions from you guys so I know if I should stick to my "Typical black look" or change it to something more "tropical" So please use the reactions tab to let me know which I should keep.

Anyways for the first look I just used a hint of black eye shadow on the lower eye lids and black eye liner and then beige eye shadow for the top eye lids. I only put mascara on the top lashes. And a little blusher with natural lip colour.
For the second look I used pink, purple and orange eye shadow with blue liner at the top and black liner at the bottom and again only put mascara on the top lashes, this time same amount of blusher but a darker shade of lipstick and lip liner.let me know your opinion!


Anonymous said...

*cough* attention whore

geemoney02 said...

^ Wow.....anon sounds a little jealous, and a little mean.


I love the eyeshadow on the new look. You must keep it!

Ignore the Anon up there. They are too scared to put their name so they aren't worth caring about.

appleblossom00 said...

LMAO attention whore and me?
Never thought of that before but thank youfor your sarchisam it opens my eyes about how scared people are to show their opinions anonymously, in case you dont know, "your opinions are not worth anything unless you exist" anonymous means no "existance"

anyway thanks geemoney02 i am keeping the eyes haha

Lisa said...

I love the new look
keep it!
and for anon I think your a little jealous that you are not as good make-up artist as appleblossom00

Anonymous said...

I like your before better. It was dark and light mixed nicely together, but it's your doll. *.*