Friday, May 1, 2009




Arna's make-over was a hard one for me to do, because she has such a unique style, but I was excited to get to use this hairstyle :)
Arna probably won't like this make-over since it's not really her style, but maybe some people will :P
I wanted to brighten up her look a bit, so I gave her a light-brown hair colour.
I kept the make-up kind of the same, using blues, but I added in a bit of navy at the outer edges to contrast with the light blue.
I kept the colour scheme going in the eyeliner, and I left the lips natural, because they looked perfect without any lipstick on.
To finish the look, I applied some blusher and put on this Heidi Klum hairband-tiara-thing.

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arna-rut said...

Its amazing, but yes as you say, not my style, im into darker things, but i find that makeover very good!