Sunday, May 17, 2009


After Being critizised for showing you lot my mistake by making myself 1year Superstar
i decided to run a competition.
Choose one person out of stardoll and redo there hair/makeup and there outfit.
Takescreenshots of the before and after.
and uploadthem and post the link in a comment.
I will only accept entries that Have a name.
a superstar code with 50 stardollars on it.


Anonymous said...

rosie333. here! There is a dot at the end of my username!

Anonymous said...

I hope this was approved by Fiona as it'd be kinda rude to run a comp on her blog without permission. Very cheeky

Talia said...

Anonymous: scared to reveal your name i see. And Fiona and i are good friends, im running this competition with Your interests in mind to see how well you can make-over someone aswell. The prize i know is not great but this is my money i'm spending to give every reader a chance to win and express them selves.

[(crazycaz07)] said...

i think it's a great prize!
and anonymous - leave your stardoll name when your critisising people

[(crazycaz07)] said...

^ My Entry ^
My stardoll name is crazycaz07. Good competition =]

geemoney02 said...

Hi. Great idea!!

My username is geemoney02.

Here's the link:

DaddysAngel02 said...
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sammybeatiful said...

can i be in?ive never been ss and look at my presentation:sammybeatiful,
ill put it in,look for the topic named:MeDoll MakeOver Comp Entry.

Anonymous said...

Hi um ..
can i have ur email or something?? or I'll post it on my starblog my username is xXxbabiigurlxXx check it out like at 6 o clock or something. Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

CRAP! It takes 2 days to upload a photo on starblog is there another way i can give it to u???

Anonymous said...

can i put a post on this site?? bcoz i really want to show u guys.

Hana-Chan said...

Username: sixasix
Sorry if its a bit messy!

Talia said...

do it in a comment here

Anonymous said...

Heyy,my stardoll name is Bizz97.
I hope this isn't too late,I'd like to give this code to my stardoll friend who got her acount deleted.

Anyhow,heres the outfit:
Heres the makeover:
Best of luck,

Sarah_Sugerplum said...

im in! Sarah_Sugerplum

will post the links soon!

2_cutecarla said...

i AM in 2_cutecarla::

makeup link:

clothes link:

I have posted this in your other topic too.

Sarah_Sugerplum said...



i used the black fallen angel tube top to stay the same =]


gggerda said...
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gggerda said...

Sorry for second post.
Am I late?
Nick: gggerda.

_funnyprincess_ said...

I know that I am VERY late...

My username is _funnyprincess_

bernang96 said...
this is the shot by me =)