Monday, May 4, 2009


Ok This Was My First Make-over And I Think It Went Good :D
Becuase Ellie Already Looked Fabulous It Was Kinda Hard At First But I Got Used To It And Tryed My Best :D
So I Gave Her A Kinda Princess Look But Nice Dark Eyes

Hope You Like it :D xxx


Anonymous said...

Thanks 4 the make-over

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

Girlworld_club said...

Don't listen to the Anonymous comments it's not me.....

This is me....geez, do people have to be so insensitive, i mean, com'on, how is an anonymous supposed to act like me, atleast it could have had a

-Girlworld_club at the end.

But overall you bestowed me, loved it.

Girlworld_club said...

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