Saturday, May 2, 2009


After:I love Yaniv's make up.He's always looking unique and he can pull anything off.For this look I decided to take a risk and create a completely different image.His old look was really 'City Chic' but this one consists of more earth tones.
I made the lips gold and the eyes semi-smokey.I also added some blush and changed his haircolour to light brown-dark blond.
I put a black minimal headband in order to add a hippie touch and not to overdo with accessories.
I know that many won't like it but I hope some will do.


2_cutecarla said...
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Anonymous said...


xxsweetiepiesugarbun. said...

I agree wit anonymous

1. eyes look weird
2. nose looks like it is about to touch the lips
3. wanna be elite

so yeah

Nickschmidt said...

Sorry, i think, all it's ugly. Sorry that i say it. It's my own meining.