Monday, May 4, 2009



paulafer has such a gorgeous medoll and it was so fun giving her a makeover as she has such a variety of accessories!`Her medoll looked so elegant before, so i tried to continue that theme on.Hair: for her hair i kept it the same style because i think her medoll suits it and it is lovely! I just changed the colour to a deeper shade and added some orange highlights. Eyes: I used two different shades of turquoise, using each one for half of her eyelid. I lengthened her eyelashes by adding black mascara. Checks: Some pink blusher looks great on her! Lips: I darkened them using a plum coloured lipstick and lip-liner. Accessories: I didn't add any earings, just a simple headband and a butterfly clip.

What do you think?


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Sarah_Sugerplum said...

What happened to the writing?! i put it at normal! =S