Sunday, May 31, 2009


Piraten's medoll is lovely ! She has such a cool and nice look .
But she asked for a make-over ..
So I had one problem , the small eyes so If I did put mascara on you couldn't see her eyes but I found a way to put it on : only at the outsides !
Than I tooked some eyeliner to enlarge her eyes, I filled the bottom of the eye with withe eyepencil and the upper with blue : again to enlarge the eyes.
Then I layered orange eyeshadow and putted some electric pink on it , than above the "orangepink" some green eyeshadow.
Under the eyes some white eyeshadow (and on the eyes off course) and your eyes are done !
Than I tooked some pink lipstick and putted one layer on , than I tooked the blush pink lipstick(dot) and putted that on so you got these nice pink lips.
Than apply some blush and you are done !
X laura aka lady_laura_xxx
ps: want a make-over by me ? Write it in a comment (don't forget your username) or write it in my GB on stardoll !

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