Monday, May 4, 2009


I love the gothic make up.Most people fail hard when they try to inject red into their looks but this worked perfectly fine.For VampLady's new look I decided to go for something much different but still dark so it's her style.
I applied various purple eyeshadows to make this beautiful eye effect.I also added eyepencil that blends in with the eyeshadow's colour.I also put some mascara on to make her lashes longer.I darkened her hair to ink black and left the lips natural.
When it comes to accessories I added a cute rose headband with a quite classic brooch but I think that it looks well..Oh,and a brand new hairstyle,this gorgeous wavy coif!
So you tell me,YAY or NAY?


VampLady said...

I love it! Though I changed it to purple just today, but I like ur idea and I will probably use it later . thanks

Viktoria said...

OMG her medoll is just EWWW