Monday, May 4, 2009


Alex(vnvi) is one of the people that have an unique style, so this really was a challenge for me.
I thought i should do a not so unique style, so i decided doing a very easy one, that still gives a great change to the face.
I applied some black eyeshadow, and went 3 times over, The last two times(Out of four) on the edge near the eyes, giving the eye's eyeshadow-eyeliner look. afterwards i put a little white eyeliner in the end of the eyes(The spot's near the nose). Then i put black wet eyeliner as it makes thinner lines, and then more natural.
After finishing the eyeshadow and eyelines, i decided to not put the same eyelashes he had and put the thicker mascara on, it doesnt show very well, but it makes darker around the eyes.
Before finishing i decided to add a very light blush, but only put a little amout to give the face some fresh look.
And to make the makeover a total makeOVER i changed hairstyles and haircolor, but that style and color really make the look work.

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