Friday, May 1, 2009




This make-over was perhaps the hardest one I've had to do, as Ella just joined two days ago, and so didn't have too much for me to use! :D
But, fortunately for me, she chose very good features that were easy for me to work with.
I must say, I love the natural look that Ella had, but as she asked me to do her make-over, I thought I would try out some of her new make-up.
I decided on soft colours for her eyes, using purple and green, and then framed her eyes with a bit of mascara and eyeliner.
I finished with natural lips, before getting to the hair.
Although her previous hairstyle was gorgeous and matched that look perfectly, I thought it covered up  the eye make-up too much, so I gave her this hairstyle that she'll be able to use herself in about 3,900 more Starpoints :P

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