Sunday, June 14, 2009


Lady_laura_xxx had a very innocent pretty look about her MeDoll before she had her make-over so I wanted to put some of that into her new look :)
To start with, I put white eyeliner a the corners of her eyes to make them appear brighter and then lined the rest with black liquid eyeliner for definition. I added electric blue pencil for colour then for a clash and edge some bright pink eyeshadow on top. I then put a think layer of purple eyeshadow on top.
Since the eyes were the centre piece of her make-over, I decided to keep everything minimal with just some pink lipliner and lipstick and no blush to keep the attention to her eyes. I dyed her hair black to really accentuate her make-up and added a clean pearl headband for a minimalistic look.
Hope you like it :)
Note: I will be unable to post make-overs until next friday (19th June) as I am away on holiday :)

1 comment:

Laura.Jacobs said...

It looks so nice , I normally hate black hair but with this look its so pretty !!
I'm really going to wear it .

x3 Laura