Saturday, June 13, 2009


McrRocksMyRadio (did I wrote it right ?) asked me for a make-over so here it is (I really have to find a new sentence to open my make-overs xp )
Because I'm verry creative today I made a verry creative look hha
Because we have the aqua-theme on stardoll I make aqua-make-overs xp
For her I made a mermaid look :
Her eyes have to be the ocean
Her lips has to be an icecream on the sand (it's home made strawberry ice haha)
Her cheeks are the sand
And her hair uhm .... is her hair xp
I hope you like it !
x3 Laura aka lady_laura_xxx


Anonymous said...

thanks for the mermaid makeover! (:

Laura.Jacobs said...

your welcome !!