Monday, June 8, 2009


Muse_paramore Had A Kinda Emoish Look So I Wanted To Still Keep That Kinda Look And Add A Bit Of Glam In It Aswel Sooo..
I Changed Her Hair And Used The Starpoint Hair Then A Gave Her Black Mascara And Eyeliner And Then Some Black Eyeshadow But Not Alot And I Also Gave Her Cute Pink Lipstick Then I Gave Her Lots Of Differnt Colour Hilights I Used:Pink,Blue,Yellow,Marron And Tourqwise.
Then I Gave Her Loads Of Clips And Put Then In The Same Area Then I Gave Her Black Botten Earings,Fake Eyelashes(2) And For The Finishing I Gave Her A Big Lady Gaga Bow:D
Hope You Like

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