Saturday, June 13, 2009


Gabriella asked for a make-over so here it is .
Because its the aqua theme on stardoll I also wanted to give her an aqua look.
For the eyes I created a blue look (aqua) blue eyeshadow ,white eyeshadow, blue eyepencil and white eyepencil a little bit of mascara and the eyes are done.
The rest stays natural and untouched :) .
I gave her some nice earrings a headband and my favourite haircut . I first wanted to keep the haircut of her but it wouldn't fit in my aqua-theme
x3 Laura aka lady_laura_xxx
ps: I won't be doing much make-overs now cause I got exams but feel free to ask !


Recordbaby said...

Does Anyone Know Whitch Eyes Those Are On Like Whitch Page Ect.

Gabrielle said...

Gorgeous! thanks!