Friday, June 5, 2009


She asked me for a make-over so here it is xp
Make-up :
-Black mascara
-White eyepencil
-Purple eyepencil (sephora , its actually more like brown with red)
-Lavender eyeshadow (dot)
-white eyeshadow (sephora)
-electric pink shade stick (dot)
- nude lipstick (dot)
-Hotbuys eyelashes
-Pink pop sunglasses or something like that (splendid)
-Brown spot (splendid)
How to make ? :
1) Bring on the mascara and eyepencil (look at the picture !)
2) Then bring on the lavender eyeshadow (if you put on eyepencil with this eyes you a little arrow that has a lighter color than the eyepencil , here you have to go dark with you eyeshadow and just lighten up )
3)At that arrow where you were going darker with your eyeshadow , you have to put on electric pink shade eyeshadow to make it look purple and fresh !
4) Apply some white eyeshadow.
5) Put on the lipstick.
6) Put on the glasses , fake eyelashes and the brown spot , change the hair .
7) Uhm............ Done !
If you want to see this in a video , just ask it in a comment and I will make one !!
x3 Laura aka lady_laura_xxx

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