Sunday, August 2, 2009


Lies153 had a very creative and distinctive look before her make-over, so I wanted to keep some of that edginess in mind whilst creating her new look.
Because the hair was so bold, I decided to keep everything else minamilistic, with the only source of colour coming from her purple stained lips. For the eyes, I simply went over them first with black pencil liner then liquid eyeliner then some Kat Von D eyeshadow. Her cheeks were already hi-lighted with white blush, so I decided to leave them like that to not overpower the rest of her features.
I added a black band over her hair to give the Heidi Klum headband more definition.
I dunno why but I wanted to sort of theme this makeover to make it lean more towards a rock 'n' roll category :D
Hope you like it :)

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