Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Makeovers by me

Hey everyone if u want a makeover by me then just ask in my guestbook or in a comment on this post. I'm really bored so you'd be doing me a favour :-p


Anonymous said...

Hi, can I please have a makeover so that I look like Taylor Swift? Only a little, not exact. If you need more items I can buy...But I dont have much make up if thats not a problem. (SORRY I KEEP ASKING YOU, I JUST NEED TO DECIDE WHICH IS BEST) Also, feel free to ask me to change my features. I will answer to it and do as you ask.

PS My user is LilaSmiley

Anonymous said...

Here is the link for who I want to look like...BTW its LilaSmiley agaiN!


lazylyn said...

ok, I'll try my best :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Also, I changed my features so you can do the makeover! :) Thanks again.