Saturday, December 12, 2009

Changes - New writers needed and inactives will be deleted

Hey, Brigitte is here.
As you know, Fiona left (MISS YOU!) and she let me be the new owner.

I am going to change the writers - imagine, we have like 25, but only 4-5 are active!

My message to the current inactive writers who read this: if you want to be kept, tell me via comments or my Guestbook. If you don't reply in 3 days, you'll be deleted, sorry.

And for the people who wants to sign up as a writer: do a "Before-After" makeover on any MeDoll (not yours!), upload it to (click) and send me the link via comments or Guestbook. I'll decide if I add you, or not.

Thanks for reading.
- B


Muffins0012 said...

Hey. Im still active, and do my best, but one girl called Marie is saying rude things about my makeovers

Brigitte said...

I have to say, Isabelle, not all of your makeovers are perfect (mines neither) - but here are some advices:
- get inspirations
- try to do the makeover in the person's style
- use matching colors

You have a great style, so show us your inner perfection :D

- B

Lalagoo42 said...

I'm lalagoo42 and I'm interested in being a writer :)

Super-girl.8 said...

Hiya Brigitte ,
Thanks i'm your new writer :)
Xoxo ♥

lazylyn said...

I'm always active at the weekend and I've been posting heaps of makeovers so please let me keep writing for the blog, I love it!. Btw congrats to my bff Sanne on getting to be a writer :-)

lazylyn said...

Oh and could we have music on the blog?, that would be cool :-)

Amy said...

Music would be awesome!

iStylista said...

I'd love to be a writer! I've been wanting this position since DAY one of this blog! I've been here since you first started! Hope you consider my request (:

Brigitte said...

OMFG! I've forgotten music xD Of course I'll add a playlist :D

Talia EMILYmileyrocks said...

It was a privilage to write on this blog in the early days. But i have no time and the medoll edior doesnt work on my computer.

Sign me off.

Thanks and keep this blog active.

hayleigh1998 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hayleigh1998 said...

Sorryfor the another comment i was forget comment the make-over

i would love to be a writer
and this is the make-over:
hope you like it :)

xox Hayleigh1998

LilaSmiley said...

I would like to become a writer. Here is my makeover:

Hope you approve!

Catwuver01 said...

I'd ♥ to write for you guys!

My makeover: