Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Starrysun wanted a H2T (Head to toe) makeover. I really loved her 'rocker chick' look, but I wanted it to turn into 'rocker chic'. FOr her make-up I deepened the color which kept it rocker, but the glasses and other details made it look chic. The outfit was AH-MAZING but I made it glamour-rock.

Hope you liked it!


Anyone want a makeover by me?

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Starrysun said...

Heheh ^-^

thank-you! i absolutely ADORE the outfit, sooo awesome

the make-over is super awesome!!! but I like something a little crazy sometimes y'know? I know for sure that next time I change my look it's definately gonna be this one, i think i'll change my outfit to the one you made for me, thank you soo much!