Thursday, January 7, 2010


tinkerbell_279 wanted a girly makeover, with a pinch of geek. I made her eyes more natural and attractive, which I hoped was to look girly. The eyes were just layered with her purple-red eyeshadow in a thin line, then a thin line of gold, pink all around and repeat. I couldn't seem to make it geeky though, since I couldn't find some geeky glasses. Below, I added a picture of brown nerdglasses available at SPLENDID. If she adds that on, that'll for sure add the geek!


Anyone want a makeover by me?

P.S. tinkerbell_279, your 'before' looked like a china doll, which was lovely! Thumbs up for that!

1 comment:

tinkerbell_279 said...

thanks but I don't have that hair but what could use instead ?