Monday, April 5, 2010

-pretierinpink- just had a seizure

Hey guys,
I'm -pretierinpink-'s cousin and my cousin just had a seizure, I just wanted to inform you that I'm taking her place so she can recover sooner. I was just lucky to have her account still signed in and I will be taking charge of her, fortunately I had already her Stardoll passwords because she trusts me.

Here's the whole story of how she got the seizure: My cousin is a tomboy if you didn't know, but she has a good fashion sense. She was watching a Pokemon episode and then there was all these effects and she got the seizure, surely that episode was banned. I really hope she gets well soon.

-pretierinpink-'s cousin, Maria

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lazylyn said...

omg!, I hope she gets better soon