Sunday, July 25, 2010


Recently I put up a poll asking you all if you were happy with the blog, most of you seem to like it but you have some new ideas for the blog so I'm all ears. Post a comment about your ideas for how to freshen up this blog, don't be shy, all ideas are welcome and if I like them then I will make some changes. So comment away :-)


Anonymous said...

The colours on the blog aer horrble and you cant read th writing they dont match the header thing at the top and there are spots on the header.

chang all them and the blig will be great!

Super-girl.8 said...


That's totally not true!
The blog looks fabulous but a tip: Try to use the 'design' mode. Maybe you can choose a new layout.

x Sanne ♥

-pretierinpink- said...

The blog is too pretty to be changed, please don't change it!

I would like to be a model and a writer please.


-pretierinpink-/ Sanne #2 (my name is Sanne too, what a coincidence!!)