Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hello again my peeps ^^ I'm here with another makeup and an update! I'm gone for a week starting tomorrow, and I believe Lyn (lazylyn) will be gone for a while too, but I am not sure how long!

Anyways, I did a makeover for LhaDella! Watch below:

Here is the quick summary of what I did :)

1) Remove all makeup+jewelery.

2) Apply white eye shadow starting from the middle of the eyes and going diagonally up! I used 4 layers of white.

3) Add mascara! You all should know how much I adore long lashes!

4) Then I used the white eye pencil.

5) There were two pinks. A darker and lighter shade. I put the darker one on all her lips. Then I took the lighter one and kinda made a circle in the middle. Then I used the LUXE clear shiny gloss and put it on all her lips.

6) Added longer lashes (jewelery), headband, and changed the hair!


Leave a comment, vote below, and leave your name in the chatbox on the left if you want a makeover!

~~~Minnie :3

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