Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm Back

Sorry for the inexcusable hiatus. I am back, after spending nearly an hour recovering my account. It seems that I have forgotten my password. Anyway, I am here to transform Medoll mania again!!!

One makeover at a time.

I will be introducing the following:

Style profiles: A medoll will have 5 outfits, and 5 makeup looks designed just for them. To sign up for a medoll transformation, contact me. Even contact below or request "Style Profile by lulu11052"!!!

Celebrity Inspired: Look like any celebrity you want!! Just request it. A photo comparison is allowed, too!!!

Ps: To all other makeup artists: It seems as if the readership has begun to diminish. Any ideas as to boost blog views? I think making a Medoll Mania club and promoting could work, as well as a link exchange with new blogs.

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