Friday, December 23, 2011

Tiger Fairy Makeup Look: Mini Tutorial!

Want to look like this?

You will need.
Doree Dusty Fire Hair Color - 6SD
Sephora Eyebrow Pencil Brown- 2SD
Dot Tiger Lily Eyeshadow- 6SD
Luxe Midnight Black Eyeshadow-22SD
Any lengthening and thickening mascara in black
Any white eyeshadow
Black or Gray Eyeliner
Any white eye pencil
Starpoint Hair Style -1750 SP
Blush, Pink

Step One:
Remove all makeup and jewelery.
You need a fresh palette.

Step Two:
Apply Hair Color:

Step Three:
Fill in eyebrows:

Step Four: Apply mascara, only to the outside edges

Step Five: Apply Luxe Midnight Black Eyeshadow, only on the upper eye creases, in very small amounts. Only a little above the eyelashes. Like this:

Step Six: Apply Dot Tiger Lily Eyeshadow, blending with the original eyeshadow, but a little above.

Step Seven: Apply White Eyeshadow, on the inside edges, blending with the original eyeshadow, like so. This will make your MeDoll look very streamlined.

Step Eight: Apply eyeliner, winging it slightly at the ends. There's your fierceness.

Step Nine: Apply white eye pencil in the tear duct areas.

Step Ten: Apply blush to the sides of the cheek. Moderation here:

Step Eleven: Change your medoll to have Pink Lips in the Medoll Editor.

Step Twelve: Admire your doll, add any accessories that say, I'm Fierce!

Accessories Used:
Heidi Klum Clover Chain Necklace - 6SD
Hot Buys Earrings- 5SD
Forest Fairy Flowers - 5SC

Thanks! Hoped you like this tutorial!

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