Thursday, April 30, 2009




For Talia's new look, I decided to use the same colours, but make it a little more sophisticated, and change it into a nighttime look.
To achieve this look, I gave her a new darker hairstyle, and changed her make-up. Instead of having a light purple eyeshadow, I put light purple at the inside corners and faded it into a darker colour at the outer edges.
I put on some blusher and some earrings to finish off her new look.


Talia said...

=} cool ill use it once milly& becky visit XD

lemonla said...

looking very nice! i would love for you to put my me-doll on here i think it would be a challenge for you!


Talia said...

and =o is my styling that bad XD

sccrstar said...

hey. i would love for you to do my medoll, but you dont have to if you are busy or just dont feel like it