Thursday, April 30, 2009




It took me a while to decide what to for Sahar's new look. Sahar has such a unique style that is always reflected in her MeDoll and it was hard to make a look that suits that style.
I decided to go for an ice coloured look, using only white, blue and silver. 
I left the same hairstyle on as I love that hairstyle and then got to work on her make-up.
I left the lips neutral and concentrated more on her eyes. 
I put on white eyeshadow and then some blue on the outer corners of her eyes.
Next, I put a small bit of blue eyeliner at the edges of her eyes, and some white eyeliner on the inside corners. 
I finished off her eyes with these fabulous HotBuys eyelashes.
Then, to complete the look, I added a bit of blusher, and put on the hairband.
I put the skull onto the hairband to make it more like Sahar's style.


sahar said...

I'd take off the blusher but the eyes are beautifull and I like that hair color with the headband! ;D
Fab makeover ^.^

Fiona said...

Thanks! Glad you liked it (^^,)