Thursday, April 30, 2009




Natalia's look was already so gorgeous, it was very hard for me to try to make her look better!
So, instead of trying to improve her look, I tried something completely different!
Most of you will probably like her look better :)
I decided to make her look a little more natural, so I took off the fake eyelashes, and used brown, white and grey eyeshadows with only a little mascara and eyeliner.
I put on some blusher, but not as much as she had in her first look, and I put on so cute new earrings.
For her hair, I thought the hairstyle was good, but that her new look needed a darker colour, so I changed it to this colour.


Natalia said...

really nice but I like my big eyelashes :P but maybe it's only a habit

Fiona said...

Haha, yeah I love big eyelashes too :)