Thursday, April 30, 2009




Ayesha asked me to keep the hairstyle the same for her new look, so I did (^^,)
For her new look, I decided to give her lighter, more natural make-up that still had colour.
I gave her blusher, but not as much as her first look, then put on some light-coloured lipstick.
For her eye make-up, I wanted to use colours to make them stand out. I used blue and white to accentuate the blue of her eyes, before adding in some white eyeliner and a bit of mascara.
I gave her a necklace and put a bow in her hair to finish the look.


Raine said...

Hey Fiona, could you makeover me? I would love to see what you do!

Fiona said...

Yeah, I'll do yours soon, but I have a few others to do first :D

Girlworld_club said...

Damm: i love those hb fake eye lashed, where do you get them from