Saturday, May 2, 2009


When Sophia agreed to let me do a makeover for her i was so happy as I know that Sophia can pull off anything she wears and every single piece of make-up she puts on so I was experimenting for ages when I found some beautiful, edgy, long hot buys earrings. I decided to base the whole makeover on those earrings. First I added some volume to the eyelashes. I then did the eyes, I did a thin coating of pink and then some white above the pink which makes the eyes look angelic. After that i added two pairs of false eyelashes to make the eyes look edgier since I didn't want sophia to look to girly. When looking through her accesories i found two pairs of fabulous earrings and decided to add them onto the other earrings. The earrings looked gorgeous and they are a beautiful shade of pink.

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