Saturday, May 2, 2009




Lollypop234 had a gorgeous MeDoll before, but wanted a make-over so here's what I came up with (:
I started by removing her glasses and the bow, and the big false eye-lashes. Still I decided to keep the hot-buys eye-lashes [I'm SO annoyed that I wasn't superstar when they were in StarPlaza] and I took off all her make-up. I loved her hair-color and decided to keep it, but changed the hair-style to a bit more relaxed one. I used green eye-liner and blue Jumbo Pencil on her eyes, as well as mascara and a bit of liquid eye-liner. I decided to keep her lips natural and then picked out earrings that I think go really well with her hair color.

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lollypop234 said...

i love my makeover thanks! how did u do it?